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How To Get A Man To Chase You?

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How to get a man to chase you? What to do to make him chase you? Get him to chase you? Why is he not chasing me? Why did he stop chasing me? If you like my Vegan/ GMO-Free/ GOOD FOR YOUR LIPS lipsticks you can get them here: http://www.arbonne.com/pws/gretabereisaite/tabs/home.aspx The one I'm using is from 'Rosé All Day To Night Lip Set #5584' Ebook and Audible 'Ways Men Test Women' https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MSXBASF Also, you can find the Audible of my book 'Ways Men Test Women' on Itunes and Audible app Subscribe! Watch my videos! Ask me dating & Relationship Questions! Can't wait to hear from you! For personal Dating & Relationship Consulting check out this link here: http://ladiesrelationshipcoach.com/packages-and-pricing/ Website: http://www.ladiesrelationshipcoach.com WhatsApp with your 1 FREE question to: Overseas - 00447702196055 UK - 07702196055 Email: [email protected] Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ladiesrelationshipcoach/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadiesDating Snapchat: Greta Ladies Relationship Coach Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladies_relationship_coach
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Text Comments (18)
I don't like feminists (1 month ago)
I needed to come back for my dose of greta knowledge... I've been slipping 😂😂
allegri9cl (1 month ago)
Loving your videos Greta.. please make more of these...
Joanna Mario (1 month ago)
Beautiful message, beautiful coach! 💜
Dating Coach (1 month ago)
Joanna Mario thank you love 💖
chahi Master (3 months ago)
I love your eyes
Nebula Nebula (5 months ago)
Omg you are my life saver 😌💃
zoyeee zoeee (5 months ago)
I love u Greta...😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
zoyeee zoeee (5 months ago)
Dating Coach awww all credit goes to u hun 😍😘❣
Dating Coach (5 months ago)
zoyeee zoeee so happy to hear that sweetie 💖💕
zoyeee zoeee (5 months ago)
Dating Coach u know what my ex called me and asked me back i said yes but m letting him to pursue me first.... And m feeling great using ur advices 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 love u more n more .... God bless u 😘😘😘
Dating Coach (5 months ago)
love you too x
Priyanka Gupta (5 months ago)
Your attire and makeup is fire😅😅
Dating Coach (5 months ago)
Priyanka Gupta perfect I will keep this style then 💖thanks 😘
мона к. (6 months ago)
I like your name, Greta is such a beautiful name!
Denise Rackley (6 months ago)
Your make up is on point
Dating Coach (6 months ago)
Denise Rackley aww thanks 💖
s ss (6 months ago)
U looking gorgeous in black 😘😘
Dating Coach (6 months ago)
s ss thank you 💕

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