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tell me you love me. [Dazai+Atsushi]
HD + HEADPHONES PLZZZZ I really recommand headphones for this time guys mouahah :P Well, what can I say? Dazatsu or Dazushi (whatever how you call this ship) is on my top 5 OTP :3 Actually, the third XD (after Kagehina and Kawoshin of course). Oh my god, look at how these two are so perfect together! It was actually hard to find a few of clips of them but, I'm sorry, endings and openings show their love for each other, OKAY XD I really loved making this video cause damn, it wasn't easy to remix the song at the beginning, with all the glitches and the voiceovers... But the result is pretty cool, so I'm quite proud of myself ahah xDD I really hope you'll like it guys cause I've done with all my heart ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bungou stray dogs songs: for the griefs of "elsa who was embedded in ice" My dear - Arai Tasuku + Tell me you love me - Boy epic any question?: http://ask.fm/ZiaRobtd twitter: https://twitter.com/Ocehamada SIGN MY PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/ocehamada
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Nakajima Atsushi (& Dazai Osamu) - Can you Feel my Heart? [Bungou Stray Dogs]
3 Episode's are already out and I am in Love with this Anime . I am Especially in Love with Dazai . such an amazing Character . I know it is not a Malec related Edit but I just had to do this Video . I still have Malec Edits Planned there will be coming Lot's more But I don't think it hurt's If I edit other Series or Stuff on this Channel .. I mean my first Edit was a Jack & Hiccup related video . So I hope you guys Enjoy this little Edit I did . If you Don't know the Anime you should go check it out . It's called " Bungou Stray Dogs" . Love you lots you guuuys
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Osamu Dazai x Atsushi Nakajima  AMV HD Bungou Stray Dogs -  Dark On Me
song by Starset - Dark On Me amv, anime - Bungou Stray Dogs characters - Osamu Dazai x Atsushi Nakajima
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Dazai Funny Moments (SUB)
here ya go first video of bungou! im planning on making one for atsushi, maybe a ship video and yeah hope you fans are happy ^-^ Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Outro: Existentialism on prom night- straylight run MY SOCIALS: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_podoodles16/ twitta: https://twitter.com/
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Bungou Stray Dogs - Ep.1 Dazai's Ability (No Longer Human)
Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス Bungō Sutorei Doggusu) *DISCLAIMER*: I do not own anything in the video, including the Audiovisual Material. I do not own any copyrights! All Credits Goes To The Rightful Owner Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1 funny scene :)
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I admit to have fun when I am making this video xD (So to be clear...The BEST shipp is Dazai x Atsushi OK!!?? xDD ) Anime:Bungou Stray Dogs (season 01) Song:Gay Or European? (I'll leave the Lyrics in the description so that everyone can understand~) I hope you liked ^^ do not forget to take a look at the channels below ❤ ▶NekoLari-Chan : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCncCV7wt4xU9DnC8e0HvF_A ▶Nonti Draw:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-E5GaleDthZ4WzmW9DKRw ▶Light AMVs : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8OA5VfJ9D2Q9BgaxCPGj6w -------------------------- Lyrics: Atsushi: There! Right there! Look at that tan, that tinted skin Look at the killer shape he's in Look at that slightly stubly chin Oh please he's gay, totally gay Kunikida: I'm not about to celebrate Every trait could indicate The totally straight expotriate This guy's not gay, I say not gay All:That is the elephant in the room Well is it relevant to assume That a man who wears perfume Is automatically matically fay? Kenji:But look at his quoft and crispy locks Atsushi:Look at his silk translucent socks. Kunikida:There's the eternal paradox Look what we're seeing Atsushi:What are we seeing? Kunikida:Is he gay? Atsushi:Of course he's gay Kunikida:Or european? All:Oh Gay or european? It's hard to guarantee Is he gay or european? Ranpo:Well, hey don't look at me Kyouka:You see they bring their boys up different In those charming foreign ports They play peculiar sports In shiny shirts and tiny shorts All:Gay or foreign fella? The answer could take weeks They will say things like "ciao, bella" While they kiss you on both cheeks Atsushi:Oh, please All:Gay or european? So many shades of gray Kenji:Depending on the time of day The french go either way All:Is he gay or european? Or Akutagawa:There! Right there! Look at that condescending smirk Seen it on every guy at work That is a metro-hetro jerk That guy's not gay, I say, no way All:That is the elephant in the room. Well is it relevant to presume That a hottie in that costume Is automatically-radically Ironically-cronically Scurtinly-curtainly Genetically-netically Gay! Officially gay! Officially gay gay gay gay Dammit Gay or european? Kunikida:So stylish and relaxed All:Is he gay or european? Kunikida:I think his chest is waxed Atsushi:But they bring their boys up different there It's culturally diverse It's not a fashion curse All:If he wears a kilt or bears a purse Gay or just exotic? I still can't crack the code Kyouka:Yet his accent is hypnotic But his shoes are pointy toed All:Huh Gay or european? So many shades of gray Yosano:But if he turns out straight I'm free at 8 on saturday All:Is he gay or european? Gay or european? Gay or euro- Ranpo:Wait a minute! Give me a chance to crack this guy I have an idea I'd like to try Kunikida:The floor is yours Ranpo:So mr. Argitacos This alleged affair with ms. Windam has been going on for? Dazai: Two years Ranpo:And your first name again is? Dazai: Nicos (Osamu) Ranpo:And your boyfriend's name is? Dazai:Carlos (Chuuya xD ) I'm sorry. I misunderstand, you say boyfriend I thought you say best friend. Carlos is my best friend Chuuya: You bastard! You lying bastard! That's it. I no cover for you, no more! Peoples,I have a big announcement This man is gay and european! And neither is his place You've got to stop your being A completely closet case It's me not her he's seeing No matter what he say I sware he never ever ever swing the other way You are so gay,You big parfait!,You flaming boy in cabaret Dazai:I'm straight! Chuuya:You were not yesterday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So if I may, I'm proud to say He's gay! All:And european! Chuuya:He's gay! All:And european! ChuuyaHe's gay! All:And european and gay! Dazai:Fine, okay, I'm gay! All:Hooray!
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Atsushi and Kyouka Moments (SUB)
some people ship them some dont.. oh well ok i didnt think this ship was popular Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Outro: existentialism on prom night- straylight run MY SOCIALS: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_podoodles16/ twitta: https://twitter.com/
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Bungou Stray Dogs - Slap
Moment from anime Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season with Osamu Dazai and Atsushi Nakajima
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[Bungou Stray Dogs] Dazai Notices Akutagawa
When senpai finally notices you... ♥
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Colors ; Dazai x Atsushi
HELLLLOOOO! I is back with another edit!
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Dazai and Atsushi Saying Each Other's Names
Dazai and Atsushi saying each other's names, in sequential order. I own nothing, all rights go to their respective owners. I'm just a Dazatsu fangirl procrastinating school work.
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I've been thinking too much. [Atsushi+Dazai]
HD + HEADPHONES PLZZZZ I've been working on it since noon. I'm sooooo proud of it guys, it's exactly the result that I wanted. Sort of mix with the funny and the sad moments of the relation between Atsushi and Dazai (God I love them more and more everyday). I cannot do a more acurate description, I'll do it tommorow. It's 1:00 AM, I got school x') --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any question?: http://ask.fm/ZiaRobtd SIGN MY PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/ocehamada
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Bungou Stray Dogs funny moment 1
Funny moment from Bungou Stray Dogs
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dazai and atsushi are the worst parents {bungou stray dogs}
yet again! something that isnt voltron! haha;;; anyways i love bungou stray dogs and i havent done anything for it yet so??? audio is from modern family. characters do not belong to me.
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〉Dazai x Atsushi ● [Story]
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Ship: Osamu Dazai x Atsushi Nakajima [Dazushi] Anime : Bungou Stray Dogs Song: HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 君だったら | If It Was You ~Story~ Atsushi loves dazai but he can't tell this to him . Kyouka loves Atsushi and conffes her love to Atsushi. Atsushi accept her feelings because he knows Dazai don't love him . They starting dating but everytime they go on a date , talk or kiss Atsushi think about Dazai . Sometimes he tells something about Dazai accidentally . She notices Atsushi's feeling dor Dazai. Because of this Kyouka feels sad. And Dazai , Dazai loves Atsushi too. But he don't want make Kyouka sad and kepts her feelings inside . Atsushi brokes emotionnaly . And tries forget Dazai for forever. But he knows this is no use. Sorry for my poop english .
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★ Dazai Osamu x Atsushi Nakajima ★ - Love Killer
Простите что так долго не было , были проблемы с техникой 😳 Очень сожалееею! 😨 Вообще , видео заказала Кристина Котова - https://vk.com/id377126759 Дождалась😅💖 Моя группа в ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/mary_play888 Всем приятного просмотра!💋💕👊👑
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Bungou Stray Dogs funny moment 5
Funny scene from Bungou Stray Dogs
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Bungou stray dogs - Amv { Dazai, Akutagawa, Ranpo, Tanizaki, Atsushi, Chuya}"Grey"
Anime; Bungou stray dogs Music : The grey (male version ) Episodes : 2,3,5,8,9,10 Characters : Dazai Atsushi Akutagawa Chuya Tanizaki Ranpo Instagram: 07_05_204 Disclaimer - I don't own anything used in the video nor music, nor anime, nor pictures, just fan made by me. Everything belongs to their respectful owners
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Dazai x Atsushi [MEP]
Thanks to everyone for participating this MEP. Every part is so amazing. Thanks again to struggle all of you put into this mep . The result is wonderful . I hope a lot of Dazushi fan sees this mep. Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Ship: Dazai Osamu x Atsushi Nakajima ~PARTS~ ❀Intro: Me ❀1: Twyla from Ravenclaw // Dazai POV ❀2: Treydi // Atsushi POV ❀3: InvisibleGirl // Dazai POV ❀4: Otaku Simmer (Backup) ❀5: Theabridged Kuriboh // Atsushi POV ❀6: Didefay // Atsushi POV ❀7: Rosy AMVs // Atsushi POV ❀8: Didefay // Dazai POV ♪Song: Wish You Were Here ♫Artist(?): Avril Lavigne ➥Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/avrillavigne/wishyouwerehere.html
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S.O.S 2017 Командное косплей-дефиле - Bungou Stray Dogs - Atsushi Nakajima Osamu Dazai Edogawa Rampo
Фестиваль Siberia Otaku Saiten 2017 https://vk.com/siberiaotakusaiten
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Atsushi Funny Moments (SUB)
Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Outro: young lonely-emarosa MY SOCIALS: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_podoodles16/ twitta: https://twitter.com/
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Bungou Stray Dogs ~ ( Dazai X Atsushi ) AMV
Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Song: THE CHAINSMOKERS - Don't Let Me Down‬
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►dazai+atsushi | when It's all over
WATCH IN HD (720 or 1080) Atsushi Nakajima + Dazai Osamu Enjoy! Music: RAIGN – When It's All Over Coloring: Nat Salvatore 9k - Gemini Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Bungou Stray Dogs - Atsushi Recues the Suicidal Maniac, Dazai
Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス Bungō Sutorei Doggusu) *DISCLAIMER*: I do not own anything in the video, including the Audiovisual Material. I do not own any copyrights! All Credits Goes To The Rightful Owner Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1 funny scene :)
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❝I dream you're still here.❞ [Dazai+Atsushi]
HD + HEADPHONES PLZZZ WHY THE FUCK IS THAT SO DARK YOUTUBE Okayyy so I thought I was done with Dazatsu, but as you can see, not yet xP Actually when I listened to that song I get suddenly inspired and that Idea came. What if Dazai succeeded to kill himself? So many people do not understand how beautiful this pairing is compared to Soukoku or anything else. I think and will always think that AtsushixDazai is the most beautiful ship in this anime. Just because he fucking needed him since the beginning. :) sorry for those who disagree ahah Special thanks (AGAIN) to Vincent King :') He always help me gah my hero :') SUBSCRIBE TO HIM! : https://www.youtube.com/user/onlyoneking12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: Still here - Digital Draggers Anime: Bungou stray dogs Programm: SVP 14 any question? : https://ask.fm/ZiaRobtd SIGN MY PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/ocehamada
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Akutagawa & Atsushi Frenemies Troll
I do not own anything here. All right reserved to the respective owner. Thank you. Bungou Stray Dogs S2
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Dazai Saying Atsushi || Bungou Stray Dogs
I know lots of people ship dazai and chuuya, but my opinion atsushi and dazai cute together. I wanted to do "saying" video but it was less than i thought ^^ eehhh
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Dazai x Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs)
I love this. 😍😍😍
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orphan. [Atsushi Nakajima]
HD + HEADPHONES PLZZZZ My heart is full of pain guys. Really I'm sobbing, all my tears are drowning me. Atsushi is one of the characters that touches me the most. His past is traumatic, and in the anime he continues to smile and fight despite his painful past. I do not know more about him, but I know that I love him enormously and that this baby must be protected. As you can see, I put Dazai (not cause I ship them A LOT. Just a little bit though), cause I truly wanted to show that Dazai was the first and only personn to take care of him. He saved him, that's what I think. And that's why I, in a sense, ship them :3 Atsushi is a cinnamon roll. Protect him god, all he needs is love. That edit is pretty simple, but I did what I wanted. I mean, something heartbreaking that shows all the pain that Atsushi went through.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- music: Sudden thrown - Olafur Arnalds any question? : http://ask.fm/ZiaRobtd SIGN MY PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/ocehamada
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[MMD x Bungou Stray Dogs + DL] || Dazai Osamu & Atsushi Nakajima & Chūya Nakahara【Что это такое】
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★__Открой меня||Open me__★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ♦════════♦ Song : ▶ Vine Motion : ▶Kiyomi Li DL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9_JTwuflyk ♦════════♦ Effects : Don't Ask Please ^^ ♦════════♦ Models : ▶Dazai Osamu : My DL : https://gastersansmmd.deviantart.com/art/MMD-x-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-Dazai-Osamu-748457634?ga_submit_new=10%3A1528272723 ▶Chuya Nakahara : My DL : https://gastersansmmd.deviantart.com/art/MMD-x-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-Nakahara-Chuya-749246849 ▶Atsushi Nakajima : My DL : https://www.deviantart.com/gastersansmmd/art/MMD-x-Bungou-Stray-Dogs-Atsushi-Nakajima-753863875 ♦════════♦ Seiten : ▶VK : https://vk.com/id371621490 ▶Group VK : https://vk.com/gastersans_mmd_group ▶DA : https://gastersansmmd.deviantart.com/ ▶IN : https://www.instagram.com/kirill_au_mmd/ ♦════════════════════════════════════════♦
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[AMV] - In The End - Bungou Stray Dogs
Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs Characters: Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, Doppo Kunikida, Junichiro Tanizaki, Ranpo Edogawa, Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Music: Linkin Park - In The End Группа: https://vk.com/at_the_free_time
Atsushi vs Akutagawa Epic Battle [Bungou Stray Dogs]
Atsushi vs Akutagawa Epic Battle [Bungou Stray Dogs] Atsushi vs Akutagawa Epic Battle [Bungou Stray Dogs] Atsushi vs Akutagawa Epic Battle [Bungou Stray Dogs]
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Atsushi saying Dazai-san (Bungo Stray Dogs)
A collection, in sequential order, of Atsushi saying Dazai's name! I don't own anything, all the rights to to their respective owners. And I got the idea from Cinna's video, so go there to watch Dazai saying "Atsushi-kun" and make sure to like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYtok2rD48I
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All Screams from Bungou Stray Dogs
Drown your ears to the sound of Japan's scrawniest detectives going against Japan's scrawniest mafia and Japan's scrawniest guild. All episodes were downloaded from http://kissanime.to If you want more complete screaming compilations, please like and subscribe to stay updated. Credit to Bones for letting me think that the second season was gonna be only flashbacks. Follow my Tumblr for anime gifs and possible updates. http://tetyuzon.tumblr.com/ Here's a secret. Don't tell anybody. http://bit.ly/2heoO6K
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Dazai and Atsushi Cosplay Q&A
Cosplay Q&A with Dazai and Atsushi from Bungou stray dogs Atsushi is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpnjzdzdE8rJEpl8czo9IQ
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bungou stray dogs Dazai X Kunikida  x Atsushi x kyoka AMV
hello sorry for be inactive lately AND thnx 280 sub XD Song : Shatter me LINK for song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49tpIMDy9BE
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Bungou Stray Dogs character: But can they sing?
Atsushi Nakajima Doppo Kunikida Osamu Dazai Jyunichiro Tanizaki Ranpo Edogawa Cyuuya Nakahara Ryuunosuke Akutagawa Motojiro Kajii... character song
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BLOOPERS (Episode Two) [BUNGOU STRAY DOGS - the English Fandub]
"Dazai's VA makes script changes, Naomi's VA struggles to speak English, and Atsushi's VA injures his leg while recording. Welcome to the behind-the-scenes madness of the Bungou Stray Dogs Fandub." Cast of Characters: Atsushi Nakajima - SirHenryEdwardVA (https://www.youtube.com/user/SPIDAHMAYUN ) Osamu Dazai - Philsterman10 (https://www.youtube.com/user/philster... ) Naomi Tanazaki - danidani (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfsx...) Ending Song: https://youtu.be/-xaKsNdq1HE?list=PL8MOj_EGTWeaa57EgAwO71hsC18lwGL27
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Bungou Gay Dogs - Cosplay Crack Bloopers
Wohoo, BLOOPERS :D Hope you like it ;) Akutagawa: https://www.instagram.com/juliii.neko/ Atsushi: https://www.instagram.com/_sayv_/ Chuuya: https://www.instagram.com/geekheavenc... and https://www.instagram.com/_sayv_/ Dazai: https://www.instagram.com/nini_nini_k... Odasaku: Benny Camera: https://www.instagram.com/hesch2451/ and https://www.instagram.com/nini_nini_k...
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🎐Bungou Stray Dogs🎐 50 оттенков серого🎐Atsushi and Dazai🎐
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Моя соц. сеть : Вк- https://vk.com/fluffy_chuya_nakahara ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Пока~ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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Beast [6] - Dazai x Atsushi
I'm sorry if i didn't upload video too long bc i'm very bussy with high school ❌ Anime : Bungou Stray Dogs Character/pairing : Osamu Dazai x Nakajima Atsushi (Dazushi) App : CCP Time needed : 2 weeks 😨 (i think) Host : XxSunset ShimmerTMxX Mep status : CLOSED https://youtu.be/35PjAtxO5Yk Song : Beast By : Mia Martina ft. Waka Flocka (male version/low pitch version) ❌ I do not own anything ! Just editing !
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Cosgalaxy.com - Bungou Stray Dogs Cosplay Atsushi Nakajima makeup
Atsushi has light gray hair, pale skin, and purple and yellow eyes - purple towards the center of the iris, with a yellow ring around the outside. His hair is short and swept forward in loose spikes with a lock left long on the right side of his face. The video shows process of the Atsushi Nakajima makeup, you may need help. And thanks for www.cosgalaxy.com great help for Atsushi Nakajima costume and wig.
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Bungou Stray Dogs [AMV]  - Hated You From Hello [HD]
Anime : Bungou Stray Dogs Music : Hated You From Hello by Downplay Extra tags : Bungo Stray Dogs Atsushi vs akutagawa Atsushi vs dazai
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Dazai & Atsushi [TRIGGERED] bsd|AMV
С днём рождения, Лимон.хдд(; Аниме: Bungou stray dogs / Великий из бродячих псов ______________________________ Мой Вконтакте: https://vk.com/tmacalister (P.S. если хотите, чтобы я добавила, пишите при добавлении, что вы с ютуба, а то есть личности, которые после добавления удаляют из друзей👀) Мой инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/taylormacalister/ (Если интересны спойлеры, которые я иногда публикую раньше самого видео, да и вообще: чем я занимаюсь вне ютуба - подписывайтесь😁👐) ______________________________ Песенка: Chase Atlantic - TRIGGERED ______________________________ Программа: Sony Vegas pro 13 💖
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